About Liz Dewing

Hi! I’m Liz and I have spent a significant part of my business and personal life enjoying the benefits that come from being able to articulate my thoughts clearly and easily.

I have found that being able to deliver a message well, whether to motivate, to inspire, to persuade – or simply to introduce, to welcome, or to express appreciation – is something that makes certain people really stand out from the crowd.

In the business environment the ability to express yourself well is a critical competency and one that affects how influential you are able to be, particularly as a Manager, Leader or Executive.

Those who can’t express themselves well – no matter how clever or qualified – struggle to achieve recognition, and may experience serious challenges should they be required to lead others.

The problem is many people really battle to master this skill.

Magnetic North exists to address this issue.  I use my own experience, training and insight to come alongside and assist people and organisations in three main ways : Speech Writing, Public Speaking Coaching / Training and Independent Facilitation. (See the tabs below)

In addition I also deliver talks about Messages That Matter, to encourage people to embrace effective communication and personal mastery.

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