“Getting on the Same Page”

There are many reasons people get together in groups to tackle challenges collectively: For example, to map a process, to engage around new information, to brainstorm the solution to a problem, or to workshop what will be required in order to deliver a project…and there are MANY more!!

The problem is often these sessions are lead by people who should be participating and who are therefore not necessarily objective or properly positioned to navigate, particularly when things become difficult. The use of a skilled Independent Facilitator often leads to a much better result.

An Independent Facilitator is external and objective, and therefore unbiased. A wider range of facilitation tools and techniques can be deliberately harnessed to best meet the objective, and participants usually feel less inhibited and participate more fully. The process of arriving at a satisfactory outcome is therefore often accelerated, with better overall buy-in to the result.

Skilled in numerous facilitation techniques, I manage groups of people through a suitably structured process that is planned and expertly run in order to arrive at the desired outcome.


I meet with you / the Sponsor to understand why the workshop is required : the context, the desired outcome, the stakeholder group, the budget and any other pertinent information.

I develop a proposal outlining the requirement, the approach to the workshop/s, the format and timeline for the production of any outputs, any tacit assumptions etc., and present this for approval and sign-off.

Where necessary, I produce specific artefacts as an outcome of the session/s (e.g. Scope of Work / Report back / Assessment and Recommendation etc).

Fees and Payment

Quote per engagement. Payable on presentation of invoice.

Answers to FAQ’s

Depending on the nature of the requirement several methods may be used:

Techniques : Conventional Process Facilitation, Complex Problem Solving, Graphic Facilitation (Makes use of pictures and images to aid engagement), World Cafe

“World Café” or “Café Conversation” is a simple and effective method for enabling large group dialogue. (www.theworldcafe.com)


  • Andrew

    CEO, Financial Services Company

    "Liz brings a skill set which complements my own as a Senior Executive, enhancing my ability to perform as a Leader, and that takes a weight off my shoulders."

  • Gustav

    Strategy Manager, Petrochemical Company

    "Liz has exceptionally well developed facilitation skills, which were applied with tremendous success in facilitating a wide section of personnel ranging from Senior Executives to Operational Staff. She is meticulous in planning of workshops to meet her client’s requirements, the execution and more importantly, the timeous delivery of quality workshop output."

  • Shirley

    CEO, Research Company

    "I attribute so much of my progression at work to my increased confidence in speaking.  Not only am I getting a fantastic reception, but I am LOVING IT!  Somehow I always knew that I had it inside me somewhere, and it’s such an amazing reward to finally see it. This was a major life lesson for me, and I am so proud to have overcome it.  Again, thank you for your fantastic expertise, energy and support on my journey.”