Public Speaking Coaching/ Training


“Own Your Voice” (One-on-one Coaching / Group programs)

The ability to present with confidence and maximum impact is a skill that can be directly linked to career advancement, and personal effectiveness. It is an essential life-skill for both the professional and personal domains.

Public Speaking opportunities take many forms :

  • formal presentations to work teams comprising colleagues and / or management,
  • formal presentations to unfamiliar audiences of varying sizes,
  • interviews on commercial media (TV / radio), or simply
  • impromptu conversation with individuals or groups in in/formal settings.

Whatever the circumstance, the requirement is the same – to be at ease and equipped to present effectively.

I work with clients to identify existing skills and to provide theoretical input, coaching, practice and feedback to further harness these, as well as develop the skills which are lacking.


Individual Coaching – I offer a standard program of 4 to 6 sessions that is suitable for most people. The process I follow is designed to engage “Heart, Head and Hands” by :

  • Understanding the client’s starting point, history, fears and aspirations as well as associated drivers / inhibitors. (Heart)
  • Providing relevant theory in a simple and uncomplicated format along with practical guidelines. (Head)
  • The opportunity to learn by doing ; practice, practice, practice makes perfect! (Hands)

An initial 2-hour assessment and goal-setting is followed by 3 -5 coaching sessions depending on initial assessment conclusions and subsequent progress.

Groups – Interventions for groups are designed on a customized basis to tackle the specific organizational need.

e.g. From Content to Connection – How to create lively audience connection when delivering content-heavy material. Useful for Finance Teams, Researchers, and other content-heavy domains

Cost and Payment

Individual – Payment for initial session to be made up front and the remainder payable on completion of each session.

Groups – Payment to be made in advance to secure dates, with cancellation fees deductible if cancelled within 7 working days of committed date/s.

Answers to FAQ’s

  • After completing the program further consultations can be arranged on an ad hoc basis (eg ahead of major presentations/ events ) for the purpose of further coaching / review.


  • Andrew

    CEO, Financial Services Company

    "Liz brings a skill set which complements my own as a Senior Executive, enhancing my ability to perform as a Leader, and that takes a weight off my shoulders."

  • Gustav

    Strategy Manager, Petrochemical Company

    "Liz has exceptionally well developed facilitation skills, which were applied with tremendous success in facilitating a wide section of personnel ranging from Senior Executives to Operational Staff. She is meticulous in planning of workshops to meet her client’s requirements, the execution and more importantly, the timeous delivery of quality workshop output."

  • Shirley

    CEO, Research Company

    "I attribute so much of my progression at work to my increased confidence in speaking.  Not only am I getting a fantastic reception, but I am LOVING IT!  Somehow I always knew that I had it inside me somewhere, and it’s such an amazing reward to finally see it. This was a major life lesson for me, and I am so proud to have overcome it.  Again, thank you for your fantastic expertise, energy and support on my journey.”