Speech Writing


Words @ Work

As an Executive or Senior Manager, at some point your leadership role will inevitably require you to stand up in front of a group of people and talk. The situation may be opening or delivering a Keynote Speech for a Conference, Hosting, MC’ing or presenting at an Awards Dinner, delivering a Progress Report-back or simply Welcoming, Introducing or Thanking Special Guests at events.

Crafting an effective speech takes specific expertise : No matter what form of address, you need to prepare something that gets your message across to your audience as effectively as possible in the given time and setting.

Whether you are simply short of time to do this, or whether you struggle to find the words to express what you want to say, I can help.


I like to meet all NEW Clients face-to-face (or Skype, if you are at a distance) for an initial discussion and briefing. Over and above giving me the details of the event and what you need to achieve, this also gives me an opportunity to hear you speak, to get a sense of how you use language and to get to know a bit about you.

This means that when I write for you the speech will be something you can embrace and deliver as your own rather than sounding like somebody else’s words.

We agree the brief which I formalize for your approval.

The approach to review and iterations required depends on the length and complexity of the speech. We agree the concept and outline, and I then produce a draft and final version of the full speech. This can be supplied in Word (.doc) or Adobe (.pdf) depending on whether you want to make further personal annotations thereafter.

Once I have established a relationship with a client and got to know their business and style, subsequent assignments are often briefed telephonically / on email.

Fees and Payment

Speech writing is charged on the basis of word count, with the rate charged per word determined by content complexity.

My upfront estimate is based on average words per minute.

Payment is by EFT with 50% of the estimate payable up front, and residual payable on your receipt of the final speech.

Answers to FAQ’s

  • If I have the capacity I do assist with “at the last minute” speeches, but there may be an “urgency overhead” applied for this.
  • Yes – I can help you to prepare for delivery, but this is contracted and charged as a separate service (See Public Speaking Coaching and Training)
  • I’m happy to work with your PA, Creative team or Agency to develop supporting materials such as  a PowerPoint Presentation where this is necessary, but my focus is on crafting your spoken message first and foremost.  Fees for this are per hour, over and above speech development.


  • Andrew

    CEO, Financial Services Company

    "Liz brings a skill set which complements my own as a Senior Executive, enhancing my ability to perform as a Leader, and that takes a weight off my shoulders."

  • Gustav

    Strategy Manager, Petrochemical Company

    "Liz has exceptionally well developed facilitation skills, which were applied with tremendous success in facilitating a wide section of personnel ranging from Senior Executives to Operational Staff. She is meticulous in planning of workshops to meet her client’s requirements, the execution and more importantly, the timeous delivery of quality workshop output."

  • Shirley

    CEO, Research Company

    "I attribute so much of my progression at work to my increased confidence in speaking.  Not only am I getting a fantastic reception, but I am LOVING IT!  Somehow I always knew that I had it inside me somewhere, and it’s such an amazing reward to finally see it. This was a major life lesson for me, and I am so proud to have overcome it.  Again, thank you for your fantastic expertise, energy and support on my journey.”